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— How it all began

The History

alex fanjul guitarist, composer, producer of my own songs and VIDEOs


This is my new song will release the next December 5th  2023 - Alex Fanjul ft Rich Beggar

Alex Fanjul Featuring Rich Beggar

I Love The Way You Love Me (ILTWYLM) is the very first of its kind Anglo-Espagnol Collaboration between Gijón’s (Asturias, North-western Spain) Celebrated Asturian Guitarist, Musician, Songwriter and Producer of numerous International New Soul, Funk and House Music Singles & Remixes… ALEX FANJUL (Alejandro Fanjul) AND Great Britain’s Illustrious Four-time Multi-No.1 UK/International Soul R&B Singer-songwriter and Chart-topper… RICH BEGGAR (Prem Sharma).

The song was conceptually born out of Alex Fanjul’s truest tribute to two of his all-time admired and most respected Soul/Disco/Funk/Jazz iconic forbearer figures; Guitarist: Nile Rodgers (Chic) & Saxophonist: Grover Washington, Jr


I Love The Way You Love Me (ILTWYLM) es la primera colaboración anglo-española de este tipo entre el célebre guitarrista, músico, compositor y productor asturiano de Gijón (Asturias, noroeste de España) de numerosas bandas internacionales de New soul, funk y house. Singles y remezclas… ALEX FANJUL (Alejandro Fanjul) Y el ilustre cuatro veces número 1 británico/internacional de soul R&B, cantautor y líder de listas de éxitos de Gran Bretaña… RICH BEGGAR (Prem Sharma).

La canción nació conceptualmente del tributo más auténtico de Alex Fanjul a dos de sus figuras icónicas de los antepasados del Soul/Disco/Funk/Jazz más admiradas y respetadas de todos los tiempos; Guitarrista: Nile Rodgers (Chic) y saxofonista: Grover Washington, Jr.

our way around the world

Do it Right Number 2 in UK Soul Charts

Do it Right Number 2 in UK Soul Charts

Do it Right Number 2 in UK Soul Charts Pues si, mi última canción publicada, el 18 de octubre de 2022, está consiguiendo cosas increibles en las listas de éxitos de muchos paises.

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alex fanjul music project: almost all of us are Asturian musicians

Ivan Cueto (bass), Jose A. Doval (keys), Charly Blanco (keys), Alba Barcia (Voice), Javier de Coupaud (bass), Julio Gilsanz (guitar), Lía Marcos (Voice), Carlos Borji (Cajón), Jhonny Menendez (Keys), Gareth Hollis (Lyrics), Mikel Nyhus (Voice), Henning Danpel (Keys), Pablo Canto (Drums), Damiano Della Torre (Keys), BassBarcelona  (Bass) and many others.

Without the help of all these musicians and friends, and many more, I would not have been able to record all these songs.

The pandemic that the world suffers has made musicians, professionals and amateurs, re-think the way to continue enjoying music.

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What They Say

Some reviews from Record Labels


Lorenzo aldino (royal plastic records)

“Driving rhythm, cool percussion, inspiring bassline and a distinctive vocal melody are the key for a successful summer-track.

Alejandro Fanjul García debuts on our label lorenZOO with a soulful summer jam called No more Rules that serves all those mentioned requirements and starts in the pole positions for this years summer-tune competition.

Welcome Alejandro, welcome the sun, as we were all eagerly waiting for it.”


q narongwate (ballloom records)

Alex Fanjul s the new comer spanish Jazz, Neo Soul, Funk & House music guitarist, songwriter & producer. Over the years of producing the music with his talented skill, his track is so amazing. Ballloom records feel really appreciate to have Alex Fanjul and his latest Single…! ❤️Get ready for his first release under Ballloom records! Don’t miss out!!


richard marzetti (dj in solar radio)

“Hi! Received a recommendation about your site and all and was dropping in to see and listen! Wow! I have added you to my playlist in the program for the next 20th of August.

I have listened to several of your songs and I have definitely liked it a lot. “The Boogie Women”.