Ain´t no Money ft. David Margam


The release of Ain’t no Money on February 28, 2023 is a new milestone in the career of Spanish musician Alex Fanjul.
Composed, produced and performed by Alex Fanjul, this time he has surrounded himself with great musicians to carry out this powerful track entitled “Ain’t no Money”.
Accompanied by the talent of smooth jazz guitarist David Margam who has achieved some beautiful melodies that accompany the song as well as a truly memorable guitar solo, the incredible bass lines created by @bassbarcelona (there are already several times that this Catalan musician and the Asturian musician collaborate on different projects), and the recognizable voice of Cristina Soto make this new song (the first published in 2023) a turning point in the career of Alex Fanjul.
His latest song released “Deeper Love ft. Toni Bourgon” achieved some important successes in different media around the world:

– Song of the week on Street Sounds Radio
– Song of the month on Toni B. Radio Show
– No. 1 in One’s to Watch (The Network Soul)
– Top 10 for 3 weeks in a row on David Bishop Breakers (S. S Radio).
– Featured song on The Black Planet Radio.
– Nº 3 in Soul, disco & Funk Radio, etc…..

Alex Fanjul has created in 2020 the so-called Alex Fanjul Music Project with the intention and purpose of creating music surrounded by great musicians.
Initially it was born as a project for Asturian musicians (the region in the north of Spain from which it comes) to share their passion, their knowledge and their good work in different local and regional bands.
Over time, this project tirelessly promoted by Alex, has managed to cross the Asturian and Spanish borders, and is currently creating new original songs collaborating with world-renowned musicians (names that we cannot reveal at this time).

Gracias por escuchar y apoyar mi música.