Alex Fanjul & Ty Juan Whatever You Want


Alex Fanjul & Ty Juan Whatever You Want

Alex Fanjul & Ty Juan Whatever You Want
This is my new song release: March 1st 2024
Press Release:

It’s hard to explain what it feels like when you write a song that you love and that you know will be a great song, but as time goes by you never quite find the voice that song needs, and you finally decide to put it in a drawer. …and you forget about it.
A few weeks ago, by true chance, I FOUND THAT VOICE, and suddenly what was a great song became a wonderful song. That voice belongs to TY JUAN.

Not only has he sung the song, but he has written the verses, choruses, choruses and everything related to the lyrics of «Whatever You Want.»

This is the first collaboration between the famous Asturian guitarist, musician, composer and producer from Gijón (Spain) of numerous internationally published neo soul, funk and house songs: ALEX FANJUL (Alejandro Fanjul) and the illustrious North American singer, R&B composer and soul and number one on the charts in many countries and GRAMMY NOMINATED as composer TY JUAN.

The production credits comprise an ensemble of accomplished musicians, distinguished technicians and lauded lyricists who, together, have achieved this impressive optimal result.

Here, we proudly present all of them as follows:

• Alex Fanjul on lead guitar, drums, programming and original production.

• Ty Juan on lead vocals and backing vocals

• Baltasar G. Casanovas AKA @bassbarcelona on bass.

• DJ Ale Rossi Additional production, arranging, programming, engineering, mixing and mastering.

Original musical concept, pre-production, lead guitar and drum programming, all by Alejandro Fanjul (Alex Fanjul) at Mr. Right Studio, Gijón (Asturias), northwest Spain.

This was the last international colaboration with the great uk singer Mr. Rich Beggar: