Do it Right Get it Right Radio Edition


A inspiring bass line / Driving Rhythm / And Distinctive Guitar Solo.
I’ve been wanting to do a song like this for a long time.
Powerful, rotund, funky, capable of getting you to move your feet
listening to.
Especially grateful to all the musicians who have participated in this song.
The first bars were recorded in January, about 8 months ago. Shortly after I left her, I was not able to do what I wanted.
Months later I took it up again and once again I stopped it.
A week ago I heard the voice of this man, O.L.F, nominated for best voice of the year. And I told myself that that voice fit perfectly in my song.
I erased almost everything I had done, leaving only the bass line and a drum set. The rest worked perfectly, it’s history.

Thanks for listening and support my music.